9- 9-2012, stillness messengers spirals into movement





9- 9-2012,  stillness messengers spirals into movement towards a diverse community of  fashion, education and yoga/ meditation insiders and friends. With immeasurable gratitude for the 13 cloth of stillness messengers, whose embodiment of stillness words cannot even describe: Genny, Roosevelt, Celine, Luis, Kalyon, Terrance, Danny, Fay, Tyler, Ananda, Yaku, Mandy, Adam and the 13 stillness staff members whose volunteered commitment to the vision of cloth of stillness made the event possible: Gloria, Jen, Joseph S., Havana, Nianqu ( Jojo), Sam, Simon, Joseph, Zoe, Danielle, Shu and with special thanks to Francesca and Lester seen on facebook